Pinktober Never Ends For My Tribe Of Warriors

This is a video a dear friend and fellow survivor created for our Breast Cancer Sisters Facebook support group.  This poignant and powerful video demonstrates what breast cancer truly is….not just one month out of the year filled with all things pink.  It’s real people, a tribe of warriors that will NEVER be able to put down their swords because breast cancer can and does come back, at any time.  But we are strong and we will fight, while adjusting to our new normal, pushing through that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop, appreciating each new day as a gift.

Video credit: This is Breast Cancer…
Taylor Eames
Published on Apr 1, 2017 “After looking at all the photos submitted for our caregivers video, I kept saying to myself, ‘What if we show people the trials and triumphs of Breast Cancer?’ So I asked our members to submit photos of themselves through treatment and surgeries, the good and bad. You’ll notice these heroes both cry and smile through this disease. We celebrate small victories from the last blood draw to getting out of bed a few days after chemo, and big victories from the last chemo infusion to NED (no evidence of disease). Through it all, whether laughing or crying, we fight.

This is Breast Cancer….

Thank you to the warrior women of Breast Cancer Sisters for submitting the photos to show you how we fight for our lives.

Song: Rise Up by Andra Day (We do not own the rights to this song)”