Let’s All Just Go to Xanadu Where There is Probably No Cancer

I want to talk about Olivia Newton-John. As most people have read, she has recently disclosed that her breast cancer has returned and it has metastasized to the sacrum.  This means she is now stage 4.  I do not know what her staging was when she was first diagnosed twenty-five years ago but regardless, stage 4 means she will need targeted treatment for the foreseeable future.  I just pray she gets another twenty-five years.  This is another example of how insidious breast cancer is.  You can have no evidence of disease for years, and in her case, a couple of decades, and then bam!  It can hide in your body, dormant for a year, or a quarter of a century or more before rearing its ugly head again.

We have got to live our lives like tomorrow isn’t promised because it really isn’t. Here is one of the more informative articles about Olivia Newton-John’s breast cancer recurrence.  Rock on Olivia, you are one bad mammajamma and I know you are going to kick cancer’s ass.  Again.