The Itches of Ghost Boobs Past and My Bucket List

So my foobs are doing very well. I have another appointment with The Boob Whisperer on March 6th and I believe he will then schedule the procedure to remove that little extra skin on the right side which looks like a little dog ear.  What’s frustrating is my foobs are still sore and numb.  I also get phantom itches which I scratch, and which I can’t feel, and the itch is still there.  Is this some kind of weird phantom itch thing?  The itches of ghost boobs past?

If you watch TV or go the movies with any regularity you will inevitably come across a story line about cancer. I’ve been watching This is Us on NBC and if you know that show you’ve seen the story line about Randall’s biological father having stage four cancer.  People having cancer on TV and in movies have always made me uncomfortable.  I still ugly cry when I see Debra Winger in her hospital bed saying goodbye to her kids.  But I could still look at scenes like that and tell myself “it’s just a movie” and let it go.  You can’t really imagine yourself in their shoes.  You’re part of the Not Me group.  After my breast cancer diagnosis, every cancer plot smacks me upside the head like “wake up THIS IS YOU.”  And I start to freak because I haven’t done hardly anything on my bucket list.  I can’t even recall everything on my bucket list.  Here are a few bucket items in no particular order:

  1. Be thin
  2. Visit Australia
  3. Write a book
  4. Be an extra on The Walking Dead (although I probably need to achieve #1 first because I’ve not seen any chubby zombies)
  5. Be a grandmother
  6. Buy a house near the beach
  7. Convince my husband to get another dog (our sweet cattle dog Sammy crossed the Rainbow Bridge last January)
  8. See #5 and #7

If nothing else, number 5 is so very important. I get verklempt when I think about how fast Lili is growing up and at the same time, every year that passes is another year I’ve made it through.