My First Fill-Up at The Boob Whisperer

My first expansion/fill was Monday and I would say it was uneventful. The Boob Whisperer said that the fills will be more uncomfortable further down the road when the expanders really get stretched.  So I suppose that will compound the discomfort I already have? The left (cancer) side which has the lat flap is actually starting to resemble a boob. It looks weird though because my skin is still somewhat tan from the radiation then there’s an oval of white skin from my back.

One thing about The Boob Whisperer that makes me twitchy is he won’t answer specific questions about the later stages. He’s explained the general process but I have questions, like what about the man boob on the right side? I mentioned that it doesn’t look like it will match the other one because so much skin was removed.  He says “we’re not there yet.” That seems to be his stock answer when I ask questions about anything that’s further down the road. I know that we have to take things one step at a time though, but patience isn’t one of my virtues lately.

In other news, my hair is growing out quite a bit so it’s morphing into a borderline afro. Or jerrycurl. I have to use this sleek and shine gel goo to make it presentable. #curlyhairprobs