Back to The Boob Whisperer

I saw the Boob Whisperer today and he said the drains can’t come out yet which I kind of knew because they’re still draining a lot. Which means more strategic showering.  Ack.  Sigh. I go back again next Friday at which point they either come out or I can’t go back to work. The good news though is that the wounds look good and the flap from my back that’s on my chest is pink and healthy. Also he said he can start filling the expanders soon. He anticipates 3-4 months to get them filled to the desired size. I can go in for fills as often as once per week.

Certain movements are still pretty painful. I read somewhere that the expanders feel like carrying around bowling balls on your chest. That is a pretty accurate description. My MacGyver husband gave me a camelpak tube for my cup of water on the nightstand because I can’t twist my body around. He also installed a hand held shower head so I can shower without getting the surgical sites wet. I have to hang the drains on the shower caddy hook thingy being careful not to get them wet, or my upper body wet, and then I wash my hair in the sink.

Today marks the one year anniversary of getting that phone call with my cancer diagnosis. I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime in the last twelve months.