One Painful Step Closer to Boobs

So it’s been two days since my surgery. Wednesday night I could not conceive that that I was not in a hospital with a morphine pump. That’s saying something when Percocet can’t get the job done. Thursday I was seriously questioning my decision to do this reconstruction. I could not move in any direction without feeling like I was being savagely stabbed repeatedly with a machete. I was feeling very sorry for myself, like after all I’ve had to go through I now have THIS. Just so I can look and feel normal. I don’t remember having this much pain after my mastectomy, but Tomas thinks I am probably just not remembering. Today is a new day however, and I feel much better.

I had my follow up appointment with The Boob Whisperer this morning and he took off the bandages. I told him I’d been cussing him out behind his back and he said he’s cool with that. He also said my wounds look as good as he could hope for. I saw the flap of skin he took from my back that’s now on my chest and it’s kind of freaky. Makes me think of how they replace a missing thumb with a toe, now I have my back on my chest. I have two drains like I had after the mastectomy, which hopefully will come out in a week. What also sucks is I can’t shower so I’m feeling pretty funky. Oh and my left arm and hand keep twitching involuntarily. I think this has been the most physically challenging part of my journey but I’m optimistic in the end it will be worth it.