Commencing Count Down, Engines On Baby!

Yes I’d like a pair of Ds please. Or Cs or even Bs. Because Monday I was back to see The Boob Whisperer and I was pretty sure he was not going to say what he said, which was that the inflammation from radiation is healed. I am totally cleared for take off. My skin still has a definite tan demarcation on my left chest and back so I assumed it was still inflamed. Last month when I saw him he was feeling the left side, then the right and going back and forth, and then he said “almost,” so I was cautiously optimistic. Sunday night I was talking to my husband about it and I said I was thinking about stuffing an ice pack in my shirt before my appointment. You know, kind of like the opposite of the thermometer trick of sticking it in hot water when you needed a fever to stay home from school. He said this is probably not the right situation for that kind of trick, and he was pretty sure that’s not how it works anyway.

So, I am happy to report my surgery is April 6 and he will be doing a Lattisimus Dorsi Flap with tissue expanders. As I’ve mentioned before, it will be a process, probably over several weeks, even months. It’s not like a boob job where you stroll out with a sweet new rack the same day. The expanders (which stretch the skin) will be incrementally filled with saline then finally switched out for silicone implants. Here is a good blurb that explains the lat flap procedure because I suck at explaining it.

Once the final implants are in, and everything is healed, then I can deal with the nipple situation (I may be the first person to coin the phrase “nipple situation”). As I posted back in December, I’m not having nipple reconstruction surgery but instead, getting 3D nipple tattoos. I know what you’re thinking but I swear they look awesome and real.

I also want to mention that yesterday I hit 1,000 views on this blog, with almost 250 visitors. I don’t know 250 people. I probably don’t even know 50 people, so thanks to all who have supported me through this ordeal and visit my blog and give me such positive feedback, I appreciate it.