I Need More Peasant Blouses-On Account of My Moob

I’m kind of getting tired of wearing baggy shirts you guys. I lost a fair amount of weight throughout my treatment so I would like to maybe wear something besides peasant blouses except I actually kind of love peasant blouses. Finding shit to wear every morning is challenging. My wardrobe since my bilateral mastectomy has pretty much consisted of loose fitting tops with a tank or cami underneath (because if I lean over people will get an eyeful of something that is NOT cleavage). Dresses are almost impossible and look super dumpy. I put on a more fitted (not tight mind you) shirt the other day and it was a freakshow. The left (cancer side) looks pretty much flat, like a guy. The right side however, looks like a moob, which if you don’t know, is a man-boob. No offense to guys out there with moobs. Way more tissue and lymph nodes were removed from the cancer side so the skin is pulled very tight but on the not-cancer side, there’s droopy, floppy skin.

People are curious about my scars and I’ve shown them to a few of my friends. I might show them here some day. They’re not pretty. They mostly look like Frankenstein’s forehead but worse. And the left side pulls and hurts now that the nerves are all “awake.” This all creates a big knot of tension in my shoulder. So things should get really interesting when I have my surgery, which will hopefully be in the next 2-3 months because apparently I was “almost there” at my visit to The Boob Whisperer last month. I am seeing him again on Monday and he had better not rain on my boob parade.