Countdown to Boobs

Warning – breast diagram below- So I was back to see the Boob Whisperer this morning, and man did I have a bunch of wrong information. This time I had my questions ready. First, he said there is still inflammation from radiation so “we’re not quite there yet, but almost.” He thinks probably in another month or two.  The main wrong thing I thought was the procedure-I thought he was doing a DIEP Flap which takes tissue from the abdomen to form the new breast pocket, but no, he is doing a Lattisimus Dorsi Flap on the radiated side, in which muscle and skin taken from the upper back are tunneled under the skin to the front of the chest to form a pocket for an implant. So sadly no tummy tuck but apparently this procedure is a better choicd for me, with fewer risks of complications.  At the time of the flap surgery, he will put in tissue expanders, then fill them every week or so with saline until the desired size is achieved.  After the last fill the expanders are replaced with the silicone implants. I’m sure there’s some kind of waiting period after the last fill. The first procedure is a couple of hours and will be done at his surgery center. He said I will need two weeks, to recuperate. I don’t know if he changed his mind about which flap procedure he was performing because I could swear he said something about taking tissue from my abdomen but he says the Lattisimus Flap is what he prefers in instances of radiation. This is a diagram I found.


I’ve been googling stuff about tissue expanders and it’s mostly not good news as far as comfort and pain. One lady described feeling as though you have bowling balls stuck in your chest, and the expanders stick out making it impossible to sleep on your side (which is of course how I sleep). At least I can say I’m actually starting the countdown to boobs, and I can perhaps see them on the horizon – maybe if I squint really hard…

Post Script: I wonder if this means I will have weird uneven back fat.