The Finale and My New Baby Bird Feathers

Well today was the grand finale and I even got a diploma.  I wanted to cross out radiation and put “third degree burn” therapy based on my armpit from last week.


I was all proud and happy and when I texted Tomas he said “cool now you can get a job as a radiation patient.” I saw my oncologist Monday and he said I will start Tamoxifen (hormone therapy) in two weeks and will be on it for several years. I asked about follow up scans and he said not unless there’s a problem. And what constitutes a problem you may ask? Any symptom that is new, unexplained, persistent or progressive. Huh. Well since I’m pushing 50 I notice all that stuff ALL THE TIME. I was hoping for something a little more specific but I guess this is my new world and I’m going to have to find a way to live in it.

On the hair front there’s good news, bad news and worse news.


The good- it’s growing in pretty fast now, the bad- it’s all gray and still kind of bald at the temples, not unlike Bobby Hill (and it’s kind of growing in fauxhawkish too). The worse- my hairdresser said I had to wait a few more months to color it or it could come out orange. Right now it looks and feels like baby bird feathers.  Gray ones. I suppose I don’t want to end up with a head full of orange bird feathers.  She texted me a bunch of photos about gray hair being all awesome and trendy.  Who knew? Here’s an interesting article
However, I’m still coloring it as soon possible, as soon as I’m out of the orange danger zone.  I guess I’m not that trendy. #grannyhair