My armpit and the radiation Death Star

Okay so this is my underarm. When I saw the doctor this week he said that the rash shouldn’t get worse than it is right now on account of something or other having to do with my “plan” or some such thing I don’t really remember.  All I know is that those radiation laser beams better have fried the shit out of any remaining cancer cells by now.  Actually the machine sort of reminds me of the Death Star when it’s moving around and the panels are sliding open and the red laser beam shoots out.


I’m not trying to gross people out, although my daughter frequently thinks I am (“ew Mommy!”) But I also want people to know what happens with radiation although my reaction is not necessarily indicative of everyone else’s because I have fair skin.  I can’t even imagine what a really fair and freckled person would look like.  I want to put deodorant on because B.O., but really who’s going to want to stand near me with this rash anyway.