Did I mention that I’m a total sweat hog…

I just need to vent about this hot flashy business.  I don’t know if it’s totally menopause or what but I didn’t have it before. I’m 49 but my doctor said chemo would activate the menopause.  So I’ll just be sitting there with a totally normal body temperature, minding my own business, watching Judge Judy, then wham!  I feel heat starting to simmer inside my body and spreading to my extremeties, then my face is on fire, my body is on fire, and it feels like I’ve been wearing a full length down parka for the last hour.  A good fix for this is sticking my head in the freezer followed by eating a popsicle.  Or bowl of ice cream with extra chocolate syrup.  I tend to think its the onset of menopause because of this (and no visit from my red-headed cousin since June-I know, TMI, get over it people.)

p.s.  Here’s where I might insert the red face emoji to punctuate my hotness but he’s too frowny.