A Hair and Radiation Status Report


So most of my hair is growing back but as you can see, the sides are conspicuously still VERY bald. WTF? And it’s mostly grey, although there’s still a lot of brown in the back. The internet says my hair may come back in totally different than before. Other unnecessary hair is slowly coming back, like my upper lip.  Btw, my eyebrows are an illusion and made up of about 75% eye shadow.  Looks great when I get sweaty and it starts running and smudging.  I’ve been kind of weepy lately, tearing up at dumb stuff like during the Amazon commercial where the guy is carrying the little broken leg dog in the Baby Bjorn. I think it’s because the enormity of everything is kind of settling in and am I going to be on constant pins and needles wondering if the cancer will return. And with chemo over I’m ready for my hair-I mean HEAD hair please-to come back, like now. Maybe it’s hormonal since I am extremely hotflashy.

I’ve had 7 radiation treatments and so far I’m just a little sunburnish in that area, no big deal. I saw the doctor today and he said he’ll have to give me a steroid cream in a couple of weeks. My radiation oncologist is super nice.  He’s a little guy and today I had on some 5″ wedges and towered over him like a bald lady giant.