Chaos at the radiation oncologist

Radiation day one was supposed to be yesterday only that didn’t happen. When I got there they realized they needed to adjust my “plan” which meant that things weren’t lining up right. So today I show up and everything is ready to go only they also need to get some films first only they can’t because technical issues. This wouldn’t be a big deal except their computer took a crap after I’m in position and I found myself trying not to cry when my arms started going numb and then burning after 45 minutes of holding them over my head. Plus, I will tell you that as soon as you are in position and can’t move, that signals all the little itches to break loose like on the side of your nose and your eyebrow (or the place wear an eyebrow used to be). The technicians were very apologetic and swore it wouldn’t be like that for my other visits which I hope is true since I have 32 more visits. The actual treatment part was pretty uneventful and the techs really are super nice.  Although I have a bunch of black drawings on my skin I need to scrub off.

On Monday I had the first of 3 epidural injections for my pinched sciatic nerve and it already feels awesome. I just didn’t know that it’s not just a quick shot, but rather a process where I’m actually in a gown, laying on my stomach with my face pressed into that donut thingy like a massage table but sadly there’s no massage.