Final Round is Done, Phew!

Round 4 of 4 is done! Holla!

I’m so glad to be done, if I didn’t feel like total crap I’d be doing the Carlton dance.  I had my last chemo at their new location. The new place is very nice but the rooms don’t have doors and there was a lovely elderly couple from Wickenburg across from me that were shout-talking. They had a 30 minute conversation with the dietician about whether the husband/patient could eat fat free turkey chili in a can. I wanted to yell out Just Eat The Damn Chili and Shut The Fuck Up! I am usually not so hostile but by then I was pretty cranky because of the lack of privacy and not being able to read or sleep with the noise. And with the steroids I have to take the day before, day of, and day after, I get no sleep, so my only chance for sleep comes with the Benadryl they give me. I can already tell this round is hitting me hard but I am just focusing on getting through radiation which should start in a couple weeks and being done. Oh, and hoping for my hair to grow back soon. Baldness is kinda cool in a futuristic edgy kind of way but the novelty is beginning to wear off.