The Cumulative Effect is in Full Effect

Especially since I’ve been mostly lying down since Friday. Thank God for the Walking Dead marathon this weekend 😱. Where I found myself frequently wondering how it was nobody murdered Andrea yet.  Other than a couple of quick errands I haven’t been able to do anything, and Tomas is out of town. I think it’s because I basically feel like I’ve been body slammed a few times by Hulk Hogan. It’s a bad fluey, achy feeling with random stabby pains throughout my body, but I know it will get better. At least it had BETTER get better. Of course probably only until the next and final round.

Going out in public is odd, I catch people looking at my head. It doesn’t bother me at all but I think “wow I went from the looker to lookee pretty quickly.” It was less than 4 months ago it all started, and only 11 weeks since surgery. And that seems like a lifetime ago.