Round 3. And some other stuff.

So round 3 is officially in the can you guys. Freakin’-A! Saw my Oncologist today before chemo and he said blood work looks good. He asked how I was feeling and I told him I was having more trouble bouncing back after the last round and he told me it’s the cumulative effect and to be expected. I’m also getting hot flashy which is normal, or at least normal for this. I mentioned I’m having trouble getting out of work by 1. The last few days I’ve left at 2-2:30 and by the time I get home I’ve felt like I have some kind of bird flu on steroids, or swine flu, or nearing death-like flu. I need to grow a pair and leave when I need to leave. I need to walk the talk, or walk the walk or whatever the saying is. I had a conversation yesterday with the power that be and it was mutually agreed upon that I would leave by 1.

Apparently however, it appears saying “I’m leaving” is actually code for “please quick give me some additional tasks now.” Like our conversation 3 hours earlier didn’t take place. So then I have a mini meltdown because I have a very finite capacity for stress right now. Thank God for my very sweet and supportive coworkers who “get it,” and help me out when I need it. I love you guys.