The shit just got real y’all!


Well the left side of my bald but otherwise satisfactorily shaped head was looking REALLY patchy, even after Tomas took it down to about an 1/8″ to try an even things out.  It looks pretty much completely bald on the left side now.  Sadly I felt I should probaby cover it so today I wore a scarf.  It still feels somewhat itchy (and sweaty if I’m driving in the heat so I take it off in the car) but I’m finding I’m gradually getting used to it.  I say “sadly” only because I think the disappointment stems from my prior resolution to put comfort above vanity.  And the additional time I’m now required to spend coordinating a scarf to my outfit.  Really? I can barely find clothes to wear to work let alone figuring out some frippery for my head (I’ll admit very nice and attractive frippery though).  Stay tuned….after a while I may just get fed up and say f?ck it!  You may yet see me with a shiny scalp 😝.  You have been warned.  Wish me luck with chemo Round 2 tomorrow you guys.

p.s. This was a selfie and I have no idea why my blind eyeball always drifts when I do selfies. This is why I hate selfies.