5 Days Post Chemo…..

So Wednesday was round one of chemotherapy, and by Friday I started to feel pretty tired and weak.  By Saturday I was pretty much completely without an ounce of energy.  I also started to feel faint if I stood for more than a few minutes, but when the on-call doc told me to go to the ER, where they would likely just give me fluids, I made an executive decision to stay home and pound fluids on my own.  Sunday I woke up feeling better, albeit sill very tired and weak.  There are so many side effects, I have a list of stuff to expect, a list of stuff that is worrisome and warrants a call to the doctor, and stuff to expect but can be worrisome if they continue or are bothersome, and so I should call the doctor.  On Thursday morning I took my Claritin and Aleve prior to my Neulasta shot, and continued a couple of days after.  Knock on wood, I did not have any bone pain, other than a few minor and sporadic twinges here and there.

Last night I made burritos for my family with ground turkey, pinto beans, onions and a variety of peppers.  According to my family they were very delicious.  I even ate one, and I think it tasted good going down, but it was not long after that there was a suspicious metal-y after taste lingering in my mouth.  This morning Dear Husband made coffee with flavored cream and sugar which was heavenly, until said metal-y after taste descended upon my taste buds.  WTF?!  My coffee is ruined? My heavenly nirvana first thing every morning coffee is ruined?  Sigh.  My mouth also feels as though I’ve been gargling with acid, and like patches of my tongue have been burned off.  Another annoying side effect that may be TMI (but beware I’m keeping it real here) is constipation.  Annoying but not painful….at least not yet…  All in all, and considering I was expecting to feel like shit, or death, or begging for death, round one of chemo was tolerable.  I am not about to get cocky though.  I know that this thing gets harder each round, and I thank God for each day I am able to get through.

I was delighted that two of my chemo scarves were delivered over the weekend.  There must be something in women’s genetic make-up with regard to shopping if I can get excited about chemo scarves.  Since I’m going to wear them when I’m bald, and I’m excited to wear them that must mean I’m excited to be bald.  Wait, what?  Maybe it’s just be the thought of having any shiny new thing, regardless of the circumstances, that can stimulate seratonin levels.  If there is any new situation in my life I will find a reason I need to shop for it.