Round One of Chemo

So yesterday was the first round of chemo.  Was I nervous?  Hell yes.  It’s nerve wracking to not have any idea of what to expect.  Especially since I have restrained myself from googling things which has been very hard but I know it is better to limit googling because anyone can put anything literally on the internet.  It went fine actually.  I was in my own little room and since I was there over lunch they fed me too.  There were snacks and beverages, although my nurse didn’t know what to do with my margharita order.  Being on the wagon really sucks by the way.  I had a TV so I could watch all the obnoxious day time shows but really I just napped mostly because silly me took my second steroid dose right before bed and I was up the whole night before.  I am feeling okay today, so far, but I know that any side effects will likely show up in the next couple of days.  Today I am getting my Nulasta injection and thank God for my chemo advisor (coworker going through chemo for BC too) at work who gave me very valuable information to combat the effects of that.  However, I’m also wondering why nobody at my doctor’s office imparted these nuggets which will supposedly keep me from being in AGONIZING BONE PAIN.  So, stay tuned.  I am now officially in countdown to baldness….I need to get an app that will let me see what I look like bald.  I hope my head is not shaped weird.