Today’s MRI

So 40 minutes in a tube wasn’t so bad, even though I’m slightly claustrophobic. I’ve had them before, nothing new about this one. Except Tomas and I have been binge watching Hannibal (awesome show btw) and a few days ago there was an episode where a woman was in a CT or some such scan contraption and there was a static electricity incident where she burned alive in the tube. So, of course I’m trying to force my thoughts toward kittens and rainbows during my time in the tube. Anyway, my doctor already had the results by tonight and said its not cancer in the bone. Good news! And he is certain because apparently they were able to compare it to a scan I had there in 2004. Hmmm, 2004, what could that have been about? Oh wait, now I remember. That was when I was hospitalized for several weeks at St. Joe’s for bacterial meningitis, nearly died, and lost sight in my left eye. After that happened to me, Tomas and my friends would joke “well that must certainly be your brush with death, or brush with catastrophic illnesses.” Not so much. If what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger I should have freakish Hulk like strength by now you guys.