The PET Scan results

Well the PET scan results are in. The first thing the doctor said was it looked good. Phew. BUT, of course there’s a but. 5 mm spot if density in one rib which he thinks could be arthritis – he says he’ll order an MRI for that spot. If it’s cancer cells, the radiation doctor will add focus to that area as well. So, pretty good news for once. I had moments where I envisioned he would tell me its in my brain, lungs, liver, or any combination thereof and I should get my affairs in order. Do they still say stuff like that? Like you see in the movies? “Mrs. Nemecek at this time I advise you to get your affairs in order.” He assured me though he didn’t see anything in any organs. He even said he wanted to read everything thoroughly before calling me which was why he didn’t call sooner. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t ask him to please read the report again to be absolutely sure. I need to figure out a way to stop looking for the negative. After my PET scan the technician asked if I already had an appointment with the doc to go over results. “Why do I need an appointment? I’m sure he’ll just call me.” Unless maybe she saw some bad stuff during the scan and knows he’s going to want to break the news face to face….to tell me to get my affairs in order, OR maybe she just says that to everyone and I’m looking for trouble. Time to stop looking for trouble.